cindydan We are Daniel Minear (better known as Dan) and Cynthia Parker (better known as Cindy). We met while working together at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in 1989. We became roommates soon after, fell in love and got married on May 29, 1993.


weddingTalia was born in March 1995 at 6:25 PM. She weighed in at 9 lbs 0 oz. and was 22 inches long! For you breastfeeding mothers, The Advantages of Breastfeeding pages can be found here. Our second daughter Kayli was born in September 1997 at 6:17 pm. Aidan was born in August 2002. Jared and Riley were born in August 2002.

In our free time, Dan and I take taekwondo at Brent Ellison Taekwondo USA. We also enjoy astronomy. After Talia and Kayli have gone to sleep for the night, we can take the binoculars and go outside on our balcony to check out the stars. Since we live in So. Cal, we can't see very many stars, but that doesn't stop us!

Dan is now working at Boeing. Yes, he's returned to the Space Station working on software. Dan has worked on the Sony Digital Cinema Processor DCP-1000. He's also worked at Trident Micro Systems making Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) equipment controllers. Dan's has worked on the NTS Passport product. See some pictures from a trip to Santiago Peak in the Los Angeles basin. His interests are Amateur radio (be sure to check out my APRS page and Field Day picture), networking, embedded programming, photography, and digital system processing. Dan used to run a 24 line Galacticomm BBS with two of his friends, Eric and Eric. Cindy now stays at home with our 5 kids trying to keep order in a caotic society.

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