Daniel Minear

This file is really here so I have something to work on and keep my history. It's kind of an online scrapbook (heck, this whole site is).


Work Experience:

Jun 1999 - present The Boeing Company Senior Engineer/Scientist

Software tool development for International Space Station on HP-UX, Windows 9x using LabWindows/CVI, and Visual C. Assisting in Matrix-X flight code development by maintaining Ada generation scripts and helping the External Control Zone team debug the autogenerated Ada and C code. Writing the lamp control software for the Thermal Test Article to be done in Aug 2000 at JSC in Houston. Now familiar with MIL-STD-1553 data transmission.

Sep 1996 - Jun 1999 Trident Micro Systems Senior Engineer

Hardware/Software design/development of the master controller for a LTR/PassPort/tone protocols communications system using a Motorola 68MH360 processor.

Feb 1996 - Sep 1996 Webpro One Owner

Hardware/Software design of an Analog Devices 2115 DSP based DTMF/PL/DCS decoder. Used 2115 assembly for software interfaced to an AD1847 CODEC. This product is in the mechanical layout stage.

Built a multiplatform networking TCP/IP environment using Macintosh, Windows PCs, and UNIX PCs over ethernet. Created web pages, CGI scripts, and graphical designs for multiple companies.

Jun 1994 - Jun 1996 Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) Systems Engineer

Hardware design/PCB layout using Protel for the Sony Digital Cinema Processor (DCP-1000). Helped the project team design the projector interface, A/D, and D/A (using Crystal 5336 & 5328) boards. Solely designed and laid out the front panel PCB and it's interface to the third party V53 CPU board. Designed and implemented the STD bus and audio serial TDM interfaces using Altera 7000 family CPLDs in Altera's AHDL language. Wrote embedded software in C and 80286 (National V53A) assembly for menuing, command processing, and loading/status of the subcontracted Analog Devices 21062 (SHARC) DSP board.

Designed and implemented the audio TDM interface for the quad SHARC PCI board used in a networked Digital Audio Workstation system. The quad SHARC board is also licensed to Bittware Research and is also sold as the Megamouth (with minor modifications).

Feb 1993-May 1994 Timeline Vista Inc. Systems Engineer

Hardware/software support for the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW-80) that was bought out from Digital Effects, Inc (below). Developed timecode module in C and C++ using Windows 3.0 to track VITC, LITC and footage frame formats.

Jan 1992 - Feb 1993 Digital Effects, Inc. Systems Engineer

Continued development of the PC based digital audio workstation bought out from Waveframe Corporation.

Oct 1991 - Jan 1992 Waveframe Corporation Engineer

Assisted in the adaptation of a stand alone digital audio workstation into a PC based format. This consisted of 3 full size cards: the audio I/O, DSP using Motorola 56000, and SCSI/sync card. Learned all about timecode formats for color & B&W television, film, and audio tracks.

Jun 1989 - Oct 1991 McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company Engineer/Scientist

Led the development of the network operating system section of the Contract End Item specification for the Space Station's Data Management System with other internal groups, multiple NASA locations, IBM, and other companies.

Created C programs to perform document scanning for requirements tracability.



US Patent 5,798,818 dated Aug 25, 1998 for Configurable Cinema Sound System.



1981 - 1985 Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, 3.93 GPA (journalism class blew my 4.0 in the last semester!)

1985 - 1989 University of California, Irvine

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering major, see my transcript

1990 - 1990 Pepperdine University, MBA program (1 quarter)



I am an advanced class amateur radio operator and enjoy public service in Westminster RACES. I am a second degree decided black belt in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). I have an Advanced Open Water PADI SCUBA certification. I am familiar with documentation standards such as MIL-STD-2167A and MIL-STD-490.

Feb 1992 - Jun 1995 Created and operated Infinity Bulletin Board System (24 lines) and Infinity Software. I wrote BBS modules for Major BBS in C in the form of DLLs using the Phar Lap DOS extender. I also developed software in C and C++ for importing fido mail, files, and USENET news groups from a KU band satellite reception system made by Planet Connect Systems. The BBS computer, development computer, and satellite reception computer were networked using Netware 1.1 over ethernet.


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